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Embark on a luxurious railway adventure through the lush landscapes and spectacular coastlines of Central Vietnam aboard The Vietage. Embrace the epic romance of rail travel on an exquisite journey that links the old-world charm of Hoi An and the sparkling shores of Quy Nhon. The Vietage combines luxurious old-world comfort, breath-taking views and gourmet dining to leave you inspired, refreshed, and ready for your next destination. The train departs Danang Train Station near Hoi An each morning, and makes the return journey every evening.


The Destinations

Steeped in luxury and inspired by the timeless romance of rail travel, The Vietage celebrates the art of the journey. When the time comes to disembark, you will be arriving at one of two very different, but equally charming, Central Vietnam destinations.

Hoi An

Just a short drive from Danang, the UNESCO-listed heritage town of Hoi An beckons with shophouse-lined alleyways, glowing lanterns, traditional teahouses and perfectly preserved architecture. Stroll through a wonderland of captivating history and rich culture on the banks of the Thu Bon River.

Quy Nhon

The golden shores of Quy Nhon take you off the beaten track to a place of tranquil coves, verdant national parks and ancient temples. Settle into seaside relaxation or venture out and explore the rich coastal culture of Central Vietnam.